Charcoal Art: The Carbon Collection

About the Carbon Collection

Each portrait is done using 100% carbon and charcoal pencils on high quality 100-pound acid-free paper.


Head and shoulder portraits offer the best results, but half or full-body drawings will be considered upon request.


Depending on size and level of detail, charcoal portraits can take between 10 to 20 hours.


Portraits are best done from clear, high resolution photos, but older, smaller photos can be used as well.  Please contact me for a free consultation.


Portraits are best viewed from across a room. The larger the portrait, the more detail can be achieved. Sizes range from 8"x10" to 18"x24" (or larger by request).  Please keep in mind the amount of detail you want when deciding on a size for your portrait.

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Charcoal Art:

The Carbon Collection